Enterprise Data Continues to Grow at Explosive Rates
Technology has allowed organizations to capture, store, communicate and interact with data faster and in greater volumes than ever before in human history, but the stats on the subject are concerning as over 90% of corporate data amassed today has only been created in the last 2 years. The dark underbelly of this content explosion is the negative business impacts that include:
1. Reduced productivity
2. Reduced profitability
3. Exploding database and data storage costs
4. Sluggish systems, slow reporting and reduced organizational effectiveness.


Why Do Clients Generate So Much Data and What Should They Do About It?
Enterprises are generating massive volumes of content through organic growth, Mergers & Acquisitions, new product development, and corporate growth, so an effective and reliable approach is needed that will manage all corporate content to limit the negative impact of these ever-growing volumes of data.
The importance of a strong content management solution that allows for better control and access to needed information, whilst protecting relevant yet less frequently used data, cannot therefore be understated. This is where SAP Data Archiving & SAP Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) solutions come into play.

SAP ILM and Data Archiving solutions improve many aspects client data and business processes:
1. Data Management & Control
2. Data Protection
3. Data Access
4. Data Reporting & Analytics
5. Collaboration between teams
6. Productivity
7. Profitability
8. Data Retention & Compliance Policies

How do strong ILM and Data Archiving Solutions Resolve These Issues?
1. Less frequently used data no longer clutters up systems or causes slow response times
2. Archived data is carefully moved to into a tiered storage solution (online / nearline / offline).
3. Mission critical systems will run faster and while money is saved on reduced storage costs
4. Teams work faster and more effectively in uncluttered systems with easy access to required content
5. Archived data remains accessible to your company, without reducing productivity or processing times
6. Secure storage enables organization to adhere or exceed data retention and regulatory compliance needs

ECM Solutions Team with over 400+ Years of Combined Expertise can Help
At ECM Solutions our passion has always been providing services that allow our clients to effectively leverage their content as a true asset, it is all that we do. Providing SAP ILM and Data Archiving Services are a natural extension to the OpenText technology focused solutions we offer our SAP customers. Our ILM and SAP Data Archiving work rounds out the services we offer that ensure our clients have industry leading technology enabled document, content and data solutions in place that drive success well into the future.To learn more about options to archive and protect your data, how to get started and what to expect, reach out to the ECM Solutions team at info@ecmsolutions.com or call us at (415) 633-4335

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